Liberian Vegetarian Joloff Rice

Savory Rice cooked in tomato herb sauce and garnished with veggies of choice. Called Joloff, Riz Gras or Thieboudienne in West Africa.

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Joloff Thieboudienne
Tomato herb sauce which includes the complex flavors of fennel, celery, tomatoes and peppers. This sauce is based on a staple sauce used in Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Senegal and all over West Africa.

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Reggae Girl Jamaican Jerk

An intricate combination of Jamaican Flavors inspired by Deacon's in-laws from Portland, Jamaica. This sauce is musky, peppery and smoking with a moderate level of heat.

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Mama Deacon Curry

Use as a rub, use as any other spices in soups, stews, rice dishes, meats, tofu, tempeh

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Social Responsibility

Beyond making a health conscious and environmentally responsible products, Afro Fusion Cuisine invests 15% of it''s profits into a scholarship program in Africa that provides access to education to a growing number of deserving children.

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Spices & Sauces

Savor the unique and delectable flavors of Africa & Jamaica with Afro Fusion Cuisine’s delicious spice blends, sauces and marinades expertly developed by a native African & Jamaican Chef using local sustainable ingredients available in Milwaukee Wisconsin and Fair Trade spices. Read more…

Foodies Gift Box

An Expertly paired seasonal selection of Afro Fusion Cuisine handcrafted products and recipes delivering a personal and unique cultural experience of African & Jamaican Cuisines! Read more…

Gourmet Sausages

Experience a line of Super premium specialty sausages rooted in Africa and brought to you by caring hands in a small artisan farm in Southeastern Wisconsin. Afro Fusion Cuisine line of Gourmet meat products represent African and Caribbean staples Read more…

Cookbook & Publication

An emotional tale of Yollande’s Deacon Upbringing, special recipes and stories developed over the years along with recipes inherited from family and friends. Yollande’s publications are copyrighted with the Library of congress Read more…