Afro Fusion Cuisine is an African sauce company with a passionate desire to preserve and promote healthy, sustainable and gourmet African and Jamaican Cuisines.

Our mission is to develop easy, convenient, healthy yet delicious African and Jamaican sauces, spices, condiments and foods that take away lengthy preparation times and provide a uniquely delicious culinary experience from our native Africa!

Over the last 15 years, we have tested, refined and recreated flavors and recipes from our childhood in Jamaica and Africa using locally grown produces available in our beloved community in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

From the coziness our family’s kitchen, where modern and traditional African & Jamaican cooking  become one, We whole-heartedly invite you to join Afro Fusion Cuisine  in creating  delicious, unique  and easy African and Jamaican meals.

Much Love  and “Ga Peno”,  in my native Fefe means ” Thank You”

Yollande – Founder of Afro Fusion Cuisine.

Yollande Deacon of Afro Fusion an African Sauce CompanyABOUT YOLLANDE

“Ya Me Lah ” =  Hello! in West African Fefe dialect.

My name is Yollande Tchouapi Deacon a native Bantu from the Bamileke tribe of Cameroon in West Africa.

I am a wife, working mom, a whole Food lover, Recipe developer, and cultural explorer.

I moved to Milwaukee Wisconsin USA in 2001 to pursue my MBA scholarship at Marquette University. Over the years, I have held several senior professional and executive jobs in various fortunes 500 companies in Milwaukee County but have always maintained a lifelong passion for local farming and homemade foods.

Born in a family of restaurateurs and in a tribe where social interactions are centered around food making, it was natural that my passion and interest lead me to exploring sustainable local foods and recreating flavors of my childhood using produces available in Milwaukee.

Over the years as I entertained friends and colleagues  and shared with them the cuisines of my ancestors , the common feedback has always been, how can one recreate easily those dishes in their kitchen within a busy schedule .

With the encouragement of my husband, friends and community, I set on a mission to create a gourmet range of easy to use, convenient, relatable and healthy meal-time solutions to save time while achieving delicious meals. This includes artisans spice blends, handcrafted sauces, Sausages and foods inspired from Africa and Jamaica.



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