african foods“Cooking African food is treating food with love and in turn sharing that love with your family, friends, guests and community.” – Yollande Deacon, founder of Afro Fusion Cuisine


African Food is a myriad of Cuisines and cultural influences…

East African Foods:

East African cuisine has layers influenced by migrations. In the savannah, meat products are generally eschewed as cattle are viewed as forms of currency and wealth.

Steamed green bananas, corn, and cereal grains make up much of the diets of the people living in the savannah.

Many countries in East Africa, under the influence of Persia and Europe, have incorporated rice, saffron, cinnamon, peppers, tomatoes, and pineapples into their traditional cuisines.

Central African Foods:

The Cuisine of Central Africa is based largely around plantains and Yucca.

Fufu, a staple food in Central Africa, is made of fermented cassava. Greens and peanut stews are also prevalent.

Beef, lamb, goat and chicken are preferred by most Central Africans, but game meat such as, elephant, snake, crocodile, antelope, and warthog are also served.

West African Foods:

West African Cuisine is very similar to Central African Cuisine, in addition to starchy items, meats, and spices.

Staples include. Fufu, banku, couscous, and gari served along side soups and stews.

The Horn of Africa:

In the horn of Africa,  Ethiopian and Eritrean styles of cooking are the most popular. Mainstays of Eritrean cooking include kitcha fit-fit [a chicken, butter, and spice mixture], injera [a wheat-based flatbread], and tsebhis [slow cooking stews].

Ethiopian cuisine [which has become increasingly popular in the United States] traditionally includes wats [stews] served on Ethiopian sponge bread also known as injera.

North Africa Foods:

North African Cuisine lies along the Mediterranean and thus couscous, olives, olive oil, cloves, sweet pastries [such as Baklava], potatoes, chilies, and zucchini are key staples in North African cooking.

Of course, in countries such as Egypt, dishes like shawarma, kebab, baba ganoush, and falafel are common place.

Southern Africa Foods:

Southern African cuisine is a blend of traditional African, European, and Asian cuisines.

Basic staples in Southern Africa include milk, yogurt, apricots, mangoes, bananas, oranges, lamb, ostrich, prawns, tuna, and lobster.

Potjiekos, traditional Afrikaner stews made with meat and vegetables, are also extremely common stews.

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