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Beyond making a health conscious and environmentally responsible product, Afro Fusion Cuisine Invests 15% of its profit in scholarship programs in Africa that provide access to education to a growing number of deserving Children. I am a scholarship recipient myself and This is a huge reason why I am here in the USA and why I have to give back…I am responsible of 60 students who count on me. Please consider donating today.

The Lycee de Mbouda Scholarship plan

LYCEE-DE-MBOUDAHome to over 300 students today, the Lycee de Mbouda ( Mbouda High School) the only public and affordable high school in my hometown Mbouda. Located in the West Province of Cameroon, this school is perched on the top of mount Bamboutos and is the pride of its student community.

The school is known for raising the brightest minds. You would not believe this fact looking at the state of the building. It is in a very pitiful state and looks abandoned. The school is muddy and students do not have basic accommodation including benches or learning material. Our hope is to paint the school and provide basic learning tools including supplies and books.

Orphans of Zamakoue

Orphans of Zamakoue I was first made aware in 2012 of a series of abandoned Children in an Orphanage in the South and Center Provinces of Cameroon by a Not for profit organization in Cameroon called Miracam. We had to act quickly given their critical health scares. These kids were malnourished and were sick with no shelter and no medical attention. Although my primary focus remains education ( sending as many children to school as possible through scholarships), I just could not close an eye on their heart breaking story.

Among the Children brought to my attention, I was struck by the story of a group of 5 Children ( Jules (13), Mireille (12), Maurice ( 7), Marina (5) and Jean-Pierre (9 months) had been abandoned by their families and put in a nearby orphanage with no means to survive. None of the children was in great health or had gone to school. I decided to adopt this family to give them a chance. Thanks to donations and purchases of Afro Fusion Cuisine products by People like you, we are able to make a difference in their lives today.

Young Emerging Female leaders – Orphan of Dschang

Third Project: Young Emerging Female leaders- Orphan of Dschang Meet Azanguim Mireille Desiree (19 yrs old and Orphan) Mireille lost her father over 10 years ago but maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout high school onto College. Her drive and determination to pursue higher education are impressive. Mireille is bright, hardworking and put herself to college with farm work every summer.

Currently sophomore in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Economics at DSCHANG public university, Cameroon, she hopes to graduate with your help and support. Similar to other orphans we have come to know, Mireille is very much helpless and her poor mother (farmer) can no longer afford to support her tuition and living expenses. Afro Fusion brands has heard her story, reviewed her grade and provided a hand.

Supplies Program

Supplies Program The first thing a visitor notices when entering a classroom in various villages across West Africa is the poor state of infrastructures, the lack of school supplies and overcrowding of classrooms. In my hometown of Mbouda, if you visit Ecole Publique de Bantang ( Bantang Public school), and similar schools in the area, you will find children sitting on mud floors and broken benches.

Teacher struggle with rudimentary teaching board. There is not enough books for all the students (1 book for 10 students). Most classroom do not have lighting. Often times it rains in classrooms because the buildings are not maintained. Afro Fusion Cuisine would like your help to supply these school with the basic including : Books, pen, pencils, chalk, board, light and hopefully computer one day! Help us make a difference, Help us raise world citizen better educated. Pledge with a donation.


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