Healthy Braised White Beans, peas in Joloff Sauce



When I come back from work and I am tired and hungry – Nothing taste better than a delicious healthy 30 minutes meal using my Joloff sauce and organic canned Canneloni beans.

Cannellini beans are a variety of white beans popular in Central and Southern Italy, particularly in Tuscany. Other names for the bean include white kidney bean and fazolia bean. They are similar to white navy beans or haricots, as they are known in Britain. These large white beans are often mistaken for great northern beans, as the two are so alike in appearance.
Before cooking, cannellini beans must be thoroughly rinsed. When cooked, the cannellini bean is fluffy and creamy. They are typically known for their smooth texture and nutty flavor. In recipes that call for the beans, substitutions can be made with great northern or white navy beans.


2 cans  – 16 ounces of Cannellini beans or White Navy Beans precooked
2 cups of green peas cooked
1 cup of diced celery
1 teaspoon of fresh thyme
1 teaspoon of grated ginger
16 oz ( 1 Jar ) of Afro Fusion Cuisine Joloff Rice
1 cup of precooked meat or protein of your choice ( Optional)
shallot finely chopped ( 1/2 cup)
1/4 cup of roughly quartered carrots (peeled and pre-cooked)
2 tbs of coconut oil


1.  In a heated skilled over medium fire, dissolve the coconut oil and sautéed your shallot for 2 minutes, add in  your celery, ginger and thyme and sautéed for 1 minute

2. Add in your beans, carrots and Joloff sauce and reduce the fire on low

3. Add in your choice of protein and cook slowly for 8-12 minutes

4. Adjust salt and pepper and serve over rice or with your choice of bread!


Note: You can actually blend all the ingredients to get a fantastic soup !

Note 2: You can adjust any of my recipe with more or less veggies, more or less protein of your choice ( tofu, meat, seafood, Sausage)


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