Jamaican Coconut Fishhead soup

Jamaican Coconut Fish Soup is one of the many delicacies of the beautiful Jamaica, the home to my family in law. I have enjoyed this recipe from my mother in-law over the last 12 years and wanted to share it with you so you can enjoy it at home.



1lb of fresh cod or tilapia filets – cleaned cut in large chunks
1 lb of  fresh fish head from your ethnic store- cleaned and left whole
3 stalks of scallions ( green onions) finely chopped
4 carrots cleaned, cored and quartered
2 tbs of fresh thyme finely chopped
5 cloves of garlic finely chopped
2 cup of fresh coconut milk ( or store brand of your choice) – I will late make a post about how to make your own coconut milk from scratch
1tbs of fresh grated ginger
2 bay leaves
2 roma tomato- seeded and roughly chopped
2 tbs of Afro fusion Cuisine – Jerk Seasoning
3 cups of water or vegetable stock
1 bouillon cube
1 scotch bonnet pepper- kept whole ( optional)
6 dumplings or 4 idaho potato quartered


Jamaican fish head

1. Mix all the ingredient in a deep pot over medium fire – Bring to boil and then reduce the fire to low

2. Slow cook for about 45 minutes allowing all the flavors to blend – Do not Cut or smash the scotch bonnet pepper.

3. Adjust Salt and Pepper – Remove the scoth Bonnet pepper and Serve this soup  Hot!



Mama Deacon Jamaican Jerk

Mama Deacon Jamaican Jerk


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