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Valentines Day – Black History Month

The Month Of February is called month of ” Love” because of Valentines Day, It is Black History month to celebrate the Heritage of native African culture (food, music, spirituality and much more).

So, I am starting today a series of posts to recognize each African Country and their influence on Diaspora….

Let’s Start shall we ? With my homeland of Cameroon….

Cameroon also called the Republic of Cameroon is located in West Central Africa…Political Capital is Yaounde and economic Hub is Douala…

Staple foods : Ndole (bitterleaf casserole with Peanut), Achu ( Pounded Cocoyam and palm nut stew), Missole (sweet plantain), Bongo ( fish stew in dark sauce), Fiang Wondo (peanut stew)

Over 18O tribes and languages — Prominently BANTU
Economy – Mainly Agriculture

Yollande’s Deacon is from the Western mountains in Bafang and Grew up in Mbouda.

Dialect spoken is FEFE – Semi Bantu —– Written language is called NUFI


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